Our Service

Company Register Services

  • Documents Preparation Service
  • Business Registration Services
  • Post-establishment Registration Services

TAX Services

  • Tax Assessment with the In-charge Tax Authority;
  • Installation of the Tax Invoicing System;
  • Tax Filings;
  • Optimization of the Payment Procedure;
  • Application for VAT General Taxpayer Qualification
  • Bookkeeping Services.

Advisory Services

  • Business Advisory
  • TAX Advisory
  • Supporting Advisory

Industries Services

  • Logistics Industry
  • Medical Devices Industry
  • Construction Engineering Industry
  • Funds/ Assets Management Industry
  • Human Resource Industry
  • Catering Industry
  • Financial Leasing Industry

Corporation Supporting Services

  • Trademark Registration Service
  • Personnel Agency
  • Office Leasing
  • IT Supporting Service

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Why Choose Us

  • Service

    One-Stop-Shop Services, Clear Scope of Work, Service Level Objective

  • Flexibility

    International Management and Good Local resource and experience

  • Integrity

    Standard / Modularized service package, and also provide customized business solution;

  • Cost-effective

    High quality and Cost-effective

  • Our Mission

    Provide Professional and High quality service to support investors to develop their business, and try our best to make contribution to economy and progress of society.

How to contact us

Shanghai Huaxia Investment Management Co., LTD

Address:No. 1369 Dongfang Road, Pudong Shanghai, China

Address:Room 203, No.16, Lane1310 Dingxi Road (Jin Du Yuan)


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